Aerosol type extinguisher with foam 750gr

– Capable for A B F E class fires.
– Easy to use
– Harmless to health and environmental friendly.
– Operational temperature range for 0°C to +60°C.
– Can be sprayed from a safe distance of 3-4 meters from the fire.
– One use product.
– Covered with plastic protective membrane
– Packed 12pcs per carton pack


Aerosol Type Fire Extinguishers with Foam AR-AFFF, unique ecological products suitable for class A fires flammable solids (wood, plastic, paper, etc), for class B fires flammable liquids (paraffin, petrol, oil etc), for class F fires (Cooking Oil & Fat) and for class E fires up to 1000V (Fires involving Electrical Devices). The fire extinguishers are used for extinguishing small fires at initial stage. They have a cooling effect and prevent also from the reignition of the fire by creating a Foam layer.