Automatic Extinguishing System Fidias 1m-3m HFC-227EA with pressure switch

• High cost-effectivity: zero maintenance, long working life, automatic activation beats the competition in cost-effectivity.
• No cylinder for storage of extinguishing agent needed: the whole system can be placed inside the protected enclosure.
• Option to connect pressure switch and other additional components like signaling unit to perform further functions.
• Clean and effective extinguishing agent: world-wide known and accepted HFC gases (HFC-227ea).
• Automatic operation based on increased temperature: Ideal for non-occupied spaces or spaces out of sight.
• Fully independent: system is operational 24/7 without any power supply.
• No maintenance during entire working life = zero maintenance costs.
• Long working life: 5 – 10 years depending on the type of application.
• No harm to protected enclosure and people when discharged.
• Very simple installation: no training required for installation.
• Pressure gauge to monitor the pressure at any time.
• Activation temperature: 120°


Automatic Extinguishing System Fidias 1m HFC-227ea with pressure switch for electric panels
High flexibility tube Capable to extinguish A,B,C and electrical type of fires and can protect almost any space.