Complete Pre-Engineered Detection & Suppression System For Electrical Cabinets

A complete Detection & Suppression pre-engineered system for Electrical Cabinets
• CO2 or FM-200 Extinguishing Agent
• Easy / Flexible Installation
• Quick & Effective Suppression
• No electricity or moving parts
• Highly economical
Reduces even the most critical electrical fire risks:
• Combustion from short circuits, overloading or overheating
• Extensive damage to circuitry
• Work stoppage
• Extensive cleanup if sprinkler system discharges


FireDETEC® systems use a proprietary continuous linear sensor tube that reliably detects and actuates release of the extinguishing agent using pneumatic technology. It is flexible, space efficient and cost effective Detection Method.
1. Quick & easy Installation directly inside Electrical Cabinets:
The flexible sensor tubing is easily installed inside the electrical cabinet, directly above the wires and circuity where a fire could start.When in service, the tubing is pressurized with Nitrogen at 16 bar. The dynamics of pressurization make the tubing more reactive to heat.
2. Early Fire Detection:
If a flame-up occurs, the heat of the fire causes the pressurized sensor tube to burst at the hottest spot (approx. 110°C).
3. Instant Suppression:
The sudden tube depressurization actuates the special pressure differential valve and instantly floods the entire cabinet area with CO2 or FM-200 extinguishing agent. The fire is quickly suppressed just moments after it began minimizing damage and downtime.