Dry Powder Local Application System For Petrol Stations

System Components:
• CE Approved Local Application Fire Extinguisher (net weight 25Kg) with Certified Valve of Automatic & Manual Operation
• Heavy duty Extinguisher Bracket
• Certified Detonator used for the Automatic Activation of the Extinguisher
• Stainless Steel Flexible Hose for connecting the Extinguisher Valve Output to the pipe network
• Dry Powder Discharge Nozzles (½”)
• 4-Zone Control Panel with built-in battery (adjustable detonator activation delay 0-80 sec), with Extinguish Button and Extinguish Cancel Button
• Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector or Thermal Detector
• Smoke Detector
• Siren with beacon for alarm Warning


The greatest danger in a petrol station is that Fire Fuels are highly flammable liquids that can create explosive steams even in very low temperature.
Dry Powder is a Fire Suppression Agent appropriate for Solid, Liquid and Gas Fuels. In petrol Stations Pumps it is required from specific law regulations the installation of Automatic Dry Powder Fire Detection & Suppression System with alarm signal and Automatic as well as Manual Operation.
The purpose of the installation of an Automatic Fire Detection & Suppression System is the fast Detection of the Fire with sound and visual alarm signals inside the controlled area and finally the Suppression of the Fire by the specialized extinguishing means of the system.
MOBIAK Dry Powder Fire Suppression System can operate both automatically (activated through detection system) and manually (manual activation mechanisms) and is highly recommended for the Fire Detection and Suppression in the area of the pumps.
During Automatic Operation, the pair of Smoke and Heat Detectors intalled over each pump, detects the fire and they transmit alarm signal to the Control Panel of the System.
It follows a continuous audio-visual alarm and after some seconds (detonator time delay), the Panel activates the Extinguisher valve resulting the extinguishing agent to flow from the extinguisher through the Pipe Network to the Nozzles.
The Manual Activation of the System is done either by Remote Activation Mechanism or by pulling down of the valve Rod